My name is Bill Apablasa, owner and chief creative at Sherpa 9 Media. I write marketing copy and create personalized video solutions that help businesses of all sizes develop their personality, build their brand and grow their businesses. Of course, these words are in every writer’s toolkit and are as meaningless as saying I create content that is clear, focused and powerful. Any good writer can do that. And there are lots to choose from (some who will never use prepositions at the end of their sentences). 

The truth is, you’re not hiring someone purely for their word choice or syntax, you’re choosing them for their worldview, and this includes everything from how easy they are to work with to what they believe is important. Let’s just say I’m easy to work with, and here is what I believe:

I believe that while companies strive for clarity in their message, proper tone, and a unified voice, in today’s “everybody looks, talks and acts the same” world, we must show that behind our products and services live real human beings who understand the customer’s needs and concerns. 

I believe this humanness is at the core of our personal and financial success and will manifest itself as flair, personality, purpose, conviction, and caring; as well as transparency, honesty, and vulnerability. Humor, too.

I work with industries, companies, and individuals who have products and services that require a healthy dose of inspiration and motivation. Industries such as health and wellness, education, self-help, life over 50, overcoming challenges, and non-profits. 

You could boil that down and say I like businesses that make a difference and help others pursue a more meaningful life. Call it what you will. Opening doors. Changing minds. Shifting attitudes. By any name, it’s helping others reframe their lives for positive growth. Of course, this takes more than pen and paper. It takes authenticity and a genuine respect for those we serve. 

Sherpa 9 Media is also home to my personal blog, The Other 999 Rooms, dedicated to the art of reinventing our lives, both personally and professionally. 

I also am co-owner and chief creative of the recently launched, where I help the over 50 crowd live the next chapter of their lives with the same gusto as the first. 

I have always liked what reinvention has stood for: being adaptable, flexible, creative, and alive. Changing, evolving, and growing. 

This is how I write. This is how I work. This is how I live.

Life’s too short to do anything else.