See what our clients are saying about the Sherpa 9 experience.

Bill, I love it. Had me laughing all the way through. Run with it.
— Mike Broudy, Rush Imprint
Sherpa 9 Media offers not only creative solutions, but is easy to work with and full of energy. Bill and his team continuously exceed my expectations.
— John Dutton, John Dutton Media
I showed your YMCA videos to some financial backers from the LA Metro and they said they were the best non-profit videos they’ve seen. Thanks for your great work. It’s going to truly make a difference.
— Betsy Cheek, YMCA
I said thanks before I read the speech and that was inadequate. Great job on this. Not only is the context good, it flows well for the way I speak. I’m beginning to think you may know me too well!
— Kevin Chase, UAP, Inc.
Thanks for not only helping me clarify my message but for delivering it in such a unique and powerful way. You’ve truly helped me grow my business.
— Dr. Deb Yerman, Yerman Chiropractic
The more I work with you, the more impressed I become. You are a real professional and I am proud to have you on the NAPA team.
— Larry Samuelson, President NAPA AUTO PARTS
This is just brilliant! I can’t believe that you have actually brought my project to life just so perfectly.
The story is humorous, lively, idealistic and crisp with a very clear team management message.
I loved the names you chose and the abbreviations. It’s just perfect. Love it and yeah I had some great laughs reading the story. :-) Very good work.
— S. Roy, Citeman Company
First class work through and through. Thanks for all you do for Bridgepoint Education!
— Ross Woodard, Vice-President of Marketing, Bridgepoint Education
Superb job on the copy! It’s clear, concise and compelling. The copy really speaks to our company’s style, personality and performance. Thanks for the value-added website consulting ideas. Look forward to working with you in the future.
— Robert Moment
1000 thanks Bill for your great job and most importantly, your understanding of my topics. I am impressed by the text, yes, but more importantly, by how well you assimilated all this information to reflect 100% of our discussion.
— Michel Bibeau, UAP, Inc.
I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you, Bill. Your insights and creative thinking are matched only by your willingness to go the extra mile. My business is better for having known you.
— Jamie Pearson, Berkshire Hathaway
Bill, thanks for making the BPE Conference such a huge success. Your creative ability, production value and attention to detail was extraordinary. We couldn’t have done it without you. Truly your work was Best in Class.
— Chris Spohn, Vice-President Bridgepoint Education
I just wanted to thank you so very much for the great job you did in making me look so good. The story that you provided was right on point and the coaching that you gave me really helped me deliver the message. I can’t thank you enough for the great job that you did. Thanks also for humoring me with all of my little “nit picking” revisions.

I hope that we can work together again. I doubt that you will ever need a reference but should you, feel free to call upon me.
— Bob Susor, President NAPA/Genuine Parts Company
Bill has been a partner, trusted vendor, and good friend. There is nobody I’d rather have in my creative corner than him. Highly recommended.
— John Trujillo, 8 Flow Creative