Why Sherpa 9 Media?

It's a good question. One that deserves an answer.

I create marketing copy, video, and social media content that helps businesses of all sizes develop their personality, build their brand and grow their businesses. Of course, these words are in every writer’s toolkit and are as un-meaningful as saying I create content that is clear, focused and powerful. 

Any good writer can do that. 

The truth is, you’re not hiring someone purely for their word choice or syntax, you’re choosing them for their worldview, and this includes everything from how easy they are to work with to what they believe is important. 

Trust me, I’m easy to work with, and here’s what I believe:

I believe in becoming a student of the company and industry I write for, always aiming for personal ownership, timely delivery, and a customized client experience that exceeds expectations. 

I believe writing takes a deep respect for the audience and an understanding of how to connect with that audience. I’ve built my business by focusing on the customer. A client may hire me, but it will always be the customer/prospect/employee that I aim to connect with and serve. 

I believe creating connections with an audience is never the same. For some it will take facts, logic, and powerpoints; others will need stories, analogies, pathos, and videos with cats in them. The companies that hire me aren’t afraid to use a little bit of everything.  

I believe that while companies strive for clarity in their message, proper tone, and a unified voice, in today’s “everybody looks, talks and acts the same” world, we must convey more. We must show that behind our products and services live real human beings who understand the customers' needs and concerns. 

I believe this humanness is at the core of our personal and financial success, and will manifest itself as flair, style, and personality; purpose, conviction, and caring; transparency, honesty and vulnerability. Humor, too.

Finally, I unapologetically believe that I make a difference in someone’s business with every piece of content I create, no matter how large or small. 

Who Should Hire Me

Bottom line, I am a generalist who prefers working across a multitude of industries. I know it’s hip to be in a niche business. But, I love the freshness and originality that comes with working in different industries. It’s good for my clients and it's good for me. I recognize that I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s the way it should be. I don’t want to convince you to hire me. I want to be hired because you believe my style and worldview match the vision for your company. 

That being said, I certainly have my preferences. 

Here’s my ideal company:

I prefer to work with industries, companies, and people who have products and services that thrive on a healthy dose of inspiration and motivation.

Industries such as health and wellness, education, lifestyle products, outdoor and adventure, self-help, life over 50, non-profits, innovation and technology. Also, anything to do with employee training and buy-in.  

Bottom line, I like companies, products, and services that make a difference. There’s nothing more challenging and rewarding than crafting content that helps enrich someone’s life.

Final Thought:

Remember, you’re not just hiring a writer/content creator. You’re hiring someone to represent your business and carry out your vision.

Hire someone who cares. 


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